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LD. Project to present

To offer all these services, LOG-DIST it provides modern facilities in Barcelona and Madrid.

Our staff is trained to serve our customers in an efficient and prompt, effective and personalized management, ensuring the contracted requirements.

Our attitude and will to be better every day-based on cutting-edge technology and continuous training of staff allow us to offer our customers an adequate logistics to their needs, a full service, with maximum accountability, effectiveness and make puntualidad- LD is consolidated day by day as one of the best transport companies and distribution of Spanish State.

Mission, Vision and Values

The Directorate General of LOG-DIST is aware, and they want to convey and integrate the values ​​of our staff, that the future happens to be an excellent company. That is, a company that is valued by our customers and positively differentiated from our competitors form. Moreover, this is achieved by providing the best technologies, know the great challenge of the new ERP management.

Still, aware that the best technology is not enough, our staff, our human capital, that is what really makes us different and competitive. What matters are the skills, motivation and welfare. Therefore, we must direct all our energies to our customers, seeking excellence in every activity of our company. We must remember that:

The future of LOG-DIST is to continue working to achieve satisfied customers and thus be able to retain them.

To this end, the General Management and the Board of Directors has established a mission, vision and values ​​and strategic objectives listed below:


We do not sell service, we sell confidence. Thus, the service we provide is a result of the trust our customers have placed in us.

LD trust your company




  • We want to be known for the value of our human capital.
  • We want to be known because we deliver what we promise.
  • We want to be known as a solid family company financially.
  • We want to be known for working long ethically in all aspects.
  • We want to be known for always seeking excellence work.

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